Before Our First Slide…
Taral Wayne

Here we have the Rogue’s Gallery, where the viewer will find a wide selection of the artists’ work. You may marvel at it, or cluck your tongue and move on to the next folder. One fan’s fish is another fan’s poisson, as the French say.
The first thing you will notice is how terribly incomplete the list of artists is. “Where are Jeanne Gomoll,” you may ask, or “Jack Wiedenbeck, Randy Bathurst, or David Vereschagin?” The answer is that it will take time to track these artists down and contact them. We may add them … eventually! Unfortunately, in many cases we will not be able to find them, or they may even be dead, which makes getting permission from them a moot point. The artists may also be the only practical source of the art in digitized form. I think you will understand that it is not possible for either Alan or myself to find and scan hundreds, possibly thousands of pages from old fanzines … as though we had nothing else to do. I think I can speak for Alan by saying that the Zine Artists Site depends on getting all the help we can get, from artists and viewers alike! With fanzine fandom’s support, we believe that the site can be continually improved. Even so, it is a project that will never be finished…
In the meantime, view the files, comment on the art, and don’t forget to return to the site from time to time to check for additions – new images and new artists.
Now dim the lights and on with the show!


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NOTE: Some art may not be suitable for everyone.